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The Number 1 online activity is now "Social Media"

Thousands of people who haven't managed to get Olympic tickets have been keeping up to date with the action, not only through radio or TV, but through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Social media has become the number 1 method of keeping up to date with the world and watching realtime events unfold. Its a fantastic, accessible tool for bloggers and businesses alike.

Splash Display
have been looking into Social Media and how it is utilised in business. It's a great way to build customer relationships by humanising brands and increasing awareness. However, with so many consumers engaging with brands from behind their screens or mobile phones, how can we get them to engage face to face? Can we use this powerful tool from cyberspace in the tangible world of point of purchase displays? Splash Display thinks so- watch this space!

Take a look at this great video by Time To Get Social

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Posted on 01/08/2012

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