Photo Opportunity Boards:

How many times do you visit an event or party and find photographic props, selfie sticks, and quick-snap opportunities?

In 2017, “selfie culture” has never been more prominent with smart phone technology making it effortless to snap a photo and post it to social media within seconds.

With an average user spending over 50 minutes per day on Facebook, the opportunity for sharing your business branding in a sociable & fun manner has never been easier to translate into instant digital advertising – and you won’t have to press a single button, because the marketing is being done by your own customers direct from your premises!

Photo Opportunity Boards have long been found at fun fairs and end-of-the-pier locations.  A bit of old-fashioned fun from the golden age of seaside holidays, right?  But a resurgence in these photographic props over the past 18 months has allowed businesses to create an interactive experience from your shop floor straight into a new audience.  Not only can a board be individually branded to your business but it can quickly gain traction via today’s social media sharing.

Direct from your celebration, business event or attraction, your board will be consistently promoted and used while you provide a talking point and novelty to your offering. 

Splash Display can make Photo Opportunity Boards bespoke to your exact product requirements, brand, style and design.  Themed to your requirements, the boards are easily transferable to be used in any location to suit you.

The general consensus tells us that Photo Opportunity Boards are becoming more popular, but does it give you a return on your investment?

From an initial perspective, it’s a talking point; something different for your clients to enjoy. But it also gives you the edge over your competitor by making the atmosphere of your business playful and memorable whilst people inadvertently spread your branding across digital platforms.

Indoor temporary displays start at £150 or be bold with a permanent photo opportunity in your public-facing business – e.g. a zoo, woodland or leisure centre!  Built to last with an investment of just over £1000 gives years of fun and enjoyment to all your clients and customers with people sharing the images far and wide.  Themed boards for seasonal events such as Christmas or Halloween can be specifically branded – quite simply, you name it, we’ll create it!

Disguised as a bit of fun but in the age of the smartphone and social sharing, it’s never been easier or faster to spread the word - and with your business branding being showcased, your customers are going to make your branding work even harder for you!

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Posted on 25/05/2017

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