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Hand Sanitising Units

Splash Display have been working hard to develop this new product which we think will be most useful to retailers and to business premises needing hand sanitisation at the point of entry.

Our sanitising station is a versatile unit, allowing wall mounting, counter top mounting or free standing applications. The unit is weather proof, can be had both plain white, for you to add your own messages, in 3 stock colourways as shown below, or available custom printed to your branding requirements, subject to a minimum quantity of 20 pieces.

We supply the stand but not the sanitising fluid or dispenser, this allows you to choose which type you wish to fit. The unit is able to accommodate most popular methods of sanitisation, see image below.

Here are some illustrative examples of the unit in custom branding.

Floor standing:

Counter top unit:

Wall Mounted:

Counter and wall units 58cm wide by 70cm high by 15cm deep. Floor standing unit adds a 100cm base plinth to these dimensions and is 33cm deep. 

Manufactured in acrylic, foamed pvc and aluminium. It is made by us in the UK. It comes with a weighted base for stability.

The unit is supplied flat packed, with simple easy to follow assembly instructions. It is simple to fit your own choice of dispenser to the unit, using proprietary fixings in the kit.
Prices start at £69.99 for the counter and wall units. The free standing unit starts at a cost of £169.00. Costs exclude VAT and delivery charges. Discounted pricing on volume is available. 

Please contact us for more information on this exciting new product.

Posted on 11/05/2020

Millbrook Beds new premium POS displays

Millbrook Beds, one of the UK's leading bed brands have entrusted Splash Display with the task of creating dynamic graphics for their new range of in store POS. Consisting of direct to board printed panels, we bring their new units to life with striking and colourful imagery.

Posted on 03/03/2020

Fresh new look for Ocean Safety Ltd

Our good friends at Ocean Safety Ltd have had a superb Southampton Boat Show. Their new stand with vibrant branding and exciting elements including branded tablet stands, column POS displays and a table made from their life raft products were highlights.

Posted on 23/09/2019

Freestanding display unit for John Lewis stores

A fabulous example of our drive to create well designed FSDUs with intelligent use of sophisticated materials, ecologically friendly recyclable materials, reducing plastic and waste. Made from stainless steel and with recyclable card elements this unit showcases a sensor bin and associated merchandise, with an emphasis upon the longevity and sustainability of materials used in the manufacture of the display

Posted on 06/08/2019

Sophisticated FSDU Design

An example of how our displays are high end, premium and suited to sophisticated brands and premium products.

Designed for Maped Helix, this free standing display unit has some really cool features. Intended to showcase a wide range of diverse products, allowing the customer to test them on a lectern module whilst having storage for replenishment stock, the FSDU we have designed stays true to the brand identity and colourways. Manufactured in steel and timber, it has interchangeable graphic panels which are recyclable.

Posted on 06/08/2019

Sophisticated CTUs for Sparex

Sparex are an international manufacturer and wholesaler of agricultural parts and accessories. They developed the Connix™ LED, a technologically advanced, wireless, magnetic and cable free, rechargable lightboard for trailers. The product is so innovative that it won the Gold Award in the Online Innovation LAMMA Innovation Awards 2019.

Sparex required an equally high-tech countertop display unit to showcase their product in agricultural dealerships across Europe.  Splash Display designed and manufactured a sophisticated, premium quality CTU complete with media player with sound, full colour graphics and the facility to be attached.  The CTUs had the product pre-installed prior to delivery so the complete solution was delivered by Splash.

The CTUs display a fully working model of the  Connix™ LED so potential customers can try out the new technology using the switches to operate the hazard, brake and indicator lights.  Approximately 250 units were produced and distributed to agricultural dealers internationally.

"With the professionalism and flexibility approach, the Splash Display team have really helped us to successfully showcase the Connix™ LED to our customers and presented at the Online Innovation Gold Award at LAMMA 2019."

David Wong
Product Director - Sparex Ltd

European countertop display unit manufacture and distribution

international CTU manufacture and distribution for Connix LED

Posted on 06/02/2019

Airport Car Parks Fly With Photo Opportunity Board

Photo opportunity boards are a fantastic way to create a fun, engaging way to reach out to new customers and get other people to promote your services for you.

We created this original snow globe photo opportunity board in conjunction with one of our favourite designers Ceratopia for Glasgow Airport's Park and Ride services.

"We were looking for ways to engage with our customers more, both in person and on social media. We also wanted a way to encourage customers to recommend our Glasgow Airport car parks to their friends and family by offering a discount. A photo opportunity board enabled us to cover all bases in a fun and friendly way, so we contacted a couple of companies we found from a quick Google search. 

"Stewart was the first person to get back to us. We had a good chat about what we needed and what he could supply. He educated us in the best kind of board for our needs and right away, we felt he understood our requirements and we were confident he could help us find the perfect solution. Together, we came up with the idea of a seasonal snow globe style of photo board for the winter months, and Stewart put us in touch with a fantastic designer who managed to create exactly the look we were hoping for. 

"Stewart took care of everything and kept us in the loop at all times, working with us to deliver at a suitable and convenient time. We couldn't be happier with the end product - it's definitely become a real talking point! Staff and customers love it and it has brought us the engagement we were looking for. Plus, the quality is excellent. We are delighted with our board and we are already looking forward to ordering another one for the summer months!"

Alison King
Group Marketing Manager
Group First Global Ltd

Posted on 21/11/2018

Posting the way at Paultons Park

We loved this great project from Paultons Park. Working from their designs we created this themed finger post from Foamex with wood effect printed vinyl.  The directional signs are printed double sided directly onto Foamex and fixed into slots cut into the post.  One of the directional signs has also been heat bent and all the signs are cut to shape.

The use of Foamex with vinyl means we can create lightweight, robust designs to match any theme.

"Splash Display brought our artwork to life, transforming our design into a great looking themed finger post. We are really happy with how this sign turned out and will certainly be sending more jobs like this their way in future!"

Emily Poingdestre
Graphic Designer
Paultons Park

Posted on 21/11/2018

Life-size Animal Silhouettes to Increase New Forest Safety

Splash Display were part of a drive safe campaign to halt the winter spike in New Forest animal road deaths.

We have produced five near-life-size animal silhouettes that display the number of ponies, cattle, donkeys, pigs and sheep killed last year. The silhouettes will be placed in local towns and villages throughout winter. They provide an eye-catching reminder of the importance of driving carefully to local people, who are responsible for the majority of animal road deaths.

The animals were created from plywood and painted to be both striking and withstand the elements.

New Forest commoners are urging drivers to be extra careful this winter to reduce the annual spike in animal road deaths after the clocks go back.

In total, 56 animals were killed last year, one of the lowest years on record. However, the two months after the clocks change are the most dangerous of the year as the evenings become darker.

So New Forest commoners, the families who own the animals that graze the Forest, have teamed up with other organisations to take their drive safe campaign on the road this winter.  Although the total number of deaths is 40% lower than a decade ago, thanks to a range of initiatives, there is still much work to be done.

The silhouettes are just one part of a wider campaign that includes new temporary warning signs deployed by Hampshire County Council on key roads and the police mobile speed camera van which is out in the Forest day and night. There will also be a social media campaign urging drivers to slow down and #add3minutes to their journey.

The free-roaming animals are vital in maintaining the protected New Forest landscape — it’s their grazing which helps maintain one of the best places in Britain for nature and for people to enjoy. The ponies, donkeys, cattle, pigs and sheep are owned and cared for by commoners and every animal killed is a great loss to the Forest, and to its owner. The animals have right of way on New Forest roads.

Owners and managers of prominent locations in the centre of New Forest towns and villages are being given the opportunity to host the silhouettes for 2 week periods.

Posted on 04/11/2018

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