FSDU - Free Standing Display Units

Our FSDUs deliver results in store

FSDU - bespoke, modular & standard

Splash Display is set up to offer a creative & dynamic approach to the business of retail communication. We specialise in the design and production of free standing display stands which draw attention to your products, demonstrate them in an engaging way and offer a high level of quality.

The Science of Point of Purchase

See our simple description of how the process works and what is involved. The science of Point of Purchase and how it can help you generate more sales and increase product and brand awareness, in store.

Promoting Technologically Advanced Products

Our specialism is promoting technologically advanced products, imparting technical information to the potential customer clearly and effectively. Our client list includes many well known names as well smaller companies aiming to present their products and services in a professional way.

Global FSDU Projects

We don't just operate in the UK, we have a team that can work around the world delivering and installing your FSDU display solutions with international project management and logistics experience. So if you require a UK or EMEA roll- out of your campaign, just get in touch to see what we can offer.

Example FSDU Projects Designed & Delivered by Splash Displays

Marshall Amps FSDU

Large scale FSDUs for Origin product

High quality large-scale steel and acrylic FSDUs created for Marshall Amps for their Origin product. Low voltage LED illumination and full colour graphics. Distributed to retailers in Europe and the UK.

Affinage Salon FSDU

Elegantly minimal steel & acrylic FSDU

Elegantly minimalist FSDUs made from aluminium composite, steel and acrylic for Affinage Salon Professional. The streamlined aesthetic really allows their products to shine. The use of clear acrylic gives the impression of floating shelves.

Vibrant Graphics for

Garmin Watches FSDU

These FSDUs are fitted with stunningly vibrant, high definition images which really bring the Garmin watch products to life. The graphics are magnetic are are interchangeable. The FSDUs can be used for different products, by simply swapping the images. The stands also include a media player so the full message can be played to the client.

Airport FSDU

To Promote Priority Services

These free-standing displays were used at Southampton Airport to promote their priority booking and security services. Our cost effective cube-based displays promote their priority lounge and security services as well as providing airport branding. Lightweight materials mean the display can be mobile.

Marshall Amps Stand

Display stand for Marshall CODE

Splash Display designed a high-tech, interactive retail display stand for Marshall Amps CODE. The stand consists of a branded plinth, amps, shelf, bluetooth connection to amp and tablet. The customer can use their own or a store guitar and headphones to test out the amps and the screen displays video content.

FSDUs Lego Star Wars

Free Standing Displays for Warner Bros

To launch a new range of Lego Star Wars Games on various console platforms Splash Display were required to produce a large number of free standing display units in steel & plastic for distribution across the globe. The FSDU was dual sided, had the option of ease of updating and was built in the iconic colours of Lego.

Raymarine FSDU

Striking Display in Reboard

Raymarine sought Splash Display's help to create a lightweight, simple to assemble FSDU for their exciting Axiom range. Constructed in Reboard honeycomb card, it is digitally printed with bold colours - economic, striking and low cost to ship. We produced 500 units to be used worldwide.

Premium Quality FSDU

for Cole & Mason products

Splash created this premium quality FSDU for our client DK Brands for their Cole & Mason seasoning equipment. Cole & Mason are a premium product requiring a premium quality FSDU to fit their brand image. Splash Display created these units using a stained ash veneer.

Dynamic Hi-Tech FSDU

Design solution for Denon DJ

Splash designed this dynamic looking FSDU to emulate the theme of an outdoor gig. Created from steel tube and wire with fluorescent acrylic the unit houses a media player and speakers. The hi-tech display reaches out to the top quality DJs who expect the cutting edge technology delivered by Denon DJ.

Zyliss Steel Display

Versatile slatted wall for DK Brands

A steel framed FSDU produced for DK Brands for their Zyliss chopping tools. The magnetic graphics are interchangeable making this a very versatile display solution. The wooden slatted wall ensures exact product placement to suit all sizes of hanging products.

Uppercut FSDU

Stained timber display

Uppercut Deluxe, one of the worlds leading male grooming brands engaged us to produce a batch of 100 FSDUs. We hand made each one, here in our workshops. Lovingly tended and stained with a gentle touch, they create a stylish look in store.

Media Player FSDU

for Bayan Audio SoundScene

Bayan Audio required an FSDU that included a media player and held operational products. It also had to be capable of displaying stacks of merchandise. Splash produced these units in grey foamed PVC for distribution in Europe and the UK.

SnuzKot FSDUs

For the Mothercare SnuzKot collection

The Green Sheep Group came to us looking for a bright, clean FSDU to showcase their Skandi inspired SnuzKot collection. Faced with a tight deadline, Splash delivered this fantastic display to Mothercare stores nationwide.

Themed Design FSDU

Sturdy & Utilitarian for Draper Tools

This steel and plastic free-standing display unit was designed for Draper Tools. The thematic design was created to match the brand image of durability and robust, sturdy tools.

IHG Lion Display

FSDU for leading agencies

We have been working with Be A Tiger for over 8 years and with their client JWT London for over 5. IHG engaged these fantastic agencies to deliver their new rewards program. We were there to support in producing over 300 flat packed FSDUs. These "POP" together and self support, with a flexible foam pvc backing and a clear pvc front the unit gives real three dimensionality whilst standing tall and proud at almost two metres high.

Kitoko FSDU

International Hair Cosmetics Brand

Local company, International Hair Cosmetics wanted to promote their new brand of Kitoko hair oils and Splash came to the rescue with a sturdy, stylish unit with a soft matte finish over an aluminium composite outer. An LED matrix lightbox was used to illuminate the logo header. In excess of 400 of these displays have been made and sent all over the world in the last three years.

Steinberg FSDUs

High end software displays

We produced over 100 displays for this high end software used for music production. The displays featured a media player which ran a show reel on the integral LCD screen. The unit had sophisticated materials employed, including brushed aluminium, vacuum formed styrene and more.

Maxi Protein FSDUs

Protein shake display for Maxi Nutrition

Check out these designs for GSK brand Maxi Nutrition. The use of edge lit acrylic draws the eye and the 360 degree visibility gives great impact. The addition of a tablet computer to the unit gives a truly interactive experience.

Bainbridge Batten

FSDU for UK and European chandleries

Splash Display created these tubular FSDUs in card, acrylic and PVC for their range of high quality sail battens, going into chandleries across UK & Europe. A full colour printed graphic wrap runs around the central section and the gloss white acrylic lends it a clean look. The sturdy matrix of holes and tubular slots support the wide range of carbon fibre sail battens produced by Bainbridge.

Playmobil Tank FSDU

For Hamleys, London

Playmobil required a sturdy, childproof, but exciting FSDU to demonstrate their range of floating toy boats in Hamleys, London. Splash Display created this colourful water tank with a dome top, housed in a collapsible wrap with the brand graphics vibrantly displayed.

Texsta FSDUs

For Hamleys in London, Texsta FSDUs

We were tasked by Character Options to produce some exciting merchandising stands for Hamleys in London's Regent Street and Manchester Trafford Centre. Made from gloss white PVC the units are tough, colourful and imposing. We delivered artworking, construction and installation for this client.

Vic Firth FSDUs

LEDs, motion, interactive.

A very complex display which demonstrated their entire range of drumsticks. Featuring illumination through LEDs, motion through the rotating drumsticks fitted to the top and user interaction through the fitment of practice pads at the four corners of the stand the display has been a real hit at trade shows across the globe.

Skylanders FSDU

In fixture displays for Activision brand

Activision are the worlds leading gaming developer and their Skylander franchise is hugely popular across the world. Our display proposition for an in fixture unit, was scalable, modular and interactive featuring a touch screen display, working console and demo portal.