Splash Display - The UK's Leading Photo Op Specialist

We have been making these photo op boards for a number of years now. This last 18 months have seen the popularity increase by a huge margin. We make them for use indoors or outdoors, as temporary and tactical displays or as permanent features.
We have high quality print and finishing facilities in house so we can create a unique photo op board for you, at the highest quality, singularly or in volume and for use in harsh environments. This can mean weather proofing, it can also mean school children proofing!

Check out our process to creating a super photo op board:


Creating the right design, the right way

Having good artwork is the key to having a great photo op board. We suggest you engage a good designer, if you have one. If you don't, we can help as we have a team of specialists at your disposal to create something bold and vibrant. Vector files such as Illustrator or Corel are best for scalability. Or, we can work from Photoshop files, provided they are at least 125dpi at full size. Don't worry if this is all gobbldegook though, we can advise you at no cost!

Indoor Photo Op

Single use or sturdy attraction to last?

We can produce a simple card unit for a single use. The cost of this varies from around £150 - £350 depending on complexity and size. Of course, it won't last long but is ideal for a wedding or party. Or, how about something as a main event attraction for your workplace / museum / theatre / restaurant? It will get the kids and adults flocking in and help spread your message.

Contoured shapes

We can create a unit to a custom shape

You don't need to stick with having a rectangular outside profile. You could have a shaped board, we can cut the panel work to follow the contours on your artwork to add visual interest and appeal. The cost for a wider unit such as this would be in the region of £800 - £1100.00 for an indoor unit, based upon a construction with a foam PVC facia, mounted to a timber or aluminium frame

Outdoor Photo Op

Outdoor Photo Opportunity Boards

There are two main considerations when producing a unit to work well outdoors: Durability and safety. Our boards are built to last, with high quality materials, graphics which won't fade in the sun and we use the highest quality fixings for strength over time. Safety is key, our units have no sharp edges, ho protruding fixings or parts to trip the user and the head holes can be had with an optional removable section to prevent anyone getting their heads stuck (it does happen). Shown here is a portable unit for outdoor use. Approximate costs for a unit of this type would be in the region of £1000 - £1400 dependent on size and complexity.

Permanent Photo Op

Outdoor unit built as permanent feature

Shown here is a permanently fixed unit, which attaches to a concrete base pad, is made from steel and aluminium and is a permanent fixture. The unit is based at the Hawk Conservancy Trust in Hampshire and has been enjoyed by many schoolchildren over the year. It features the work of local Author & Illustrator Martin Bradley. This type of unit, built to last would cost in the region of £1200 - £2000 dependent on complexity. Installation, if required would add £300 - £500 dependent on location and any ground works required.

Exbury Photo Op

Halloween Photo Opportunity Board

Halloween themed photo opportunity board produced for Exbury Gardens in the New Forest to promote their Halloween events, and "The Mystery of The Headless Gardener".

Train Photo Op

Themed Outdoor Photo Opportunity Board

Exbury Gardens asked us to produce a large outdoor photo opportunity board that could be used all year round. We provided a three subject board with a strong timber frame, non slip base and weather seal applied to give a hard wearing and weather resistant finish.